Guelph Ontario

The city of Guelph, known as "The Royal City" is a vibrant community of more than 100,000 people situated in the heart of southern Ontario, just an hour's drive west of Toronto. With one of Canada's premier research universities - the University of Guelph, and a diverse variety of manufacturing, service, and high technology enterprises, it's also one of the fastest growing economic regions in Canada. Because of its low crime rates, clean environment and generally high standard of living, Guelph is consistently rated as one of the country's most livable cities, recently rated among Canada's ten best places to live by a popular Canadian magazine.

Guelph is also a leader in green initiatives, and the new city hall is a testament to the region's commitment to the planet. The new city hall, with its use of local and eco-friendly building materials, efficient lighting, its green roof and its heating and cooling systems are just some of the ways the developers have succeeded in reducing the City's use of water and energy, as well as lowering its environmental footprint. A large part of the building process was also to recycle as many materials as possible, reusing everything from industrial strainers to disposable coffee cups. The progressive minds working in this new eco-friendly building are sure to make similar changes throughout the city to reduce harm to the environment, and city run events such as bicycle friendly barbecues support the fact that Guelph is a city that cares for not only its residents, but the planet that we all share as well.

Many Guelphites commute to the nearby metropolis of Toronto for their work, such as real estate agents for example. They choose to live in the city of Guelph even though they have access to popular pieces of Rosedale Toronto real estate or Square One condos for lease, the citizens of Guelph realize the value of living in such a great city and would not trade it for the world. Clearly this says a great deal about living in Guelph, and it's geographic location makes commuting a viable option for many individuals, in real estate, manufacturing or other industries. With automotive manufacturing plants less than an hour away in Cambridge, and steel manufacturing plants in nearby Hamilton, the choice to live in Guelph and work elsewhere is not a hard one to make. There are many benefits to living in such a forward thinking and liberal city, such as the freedom to live your life the way you want to, without having to conform to the ideals of your neighbors, or follow the trends of your friends. This is not to say that the employment opportunities in the Royal City are not abundant: manufacturing, for example, accounts for about eighteen per cent of the city's employment. Other leading industries include identified life science, agri-food and biotechnology firms, environmental management and technology companies: these growth industries would benefit from economic development activities, and these scientific fields are increasing in size at a rapid rate - much faster than the turnover of Toronto naturopath clients. The industrial and commercial opportunities in Guelph are abundant and a testament to the range of career that Guelphites enjoy. Guelph's major employers are as vast as the opportunities the city offers, including the University of Guelph, Linamar Corporation, and Sleeman Breweries among others.

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The city is surrounded by great lakes, rural and green spaces, making this an idyllic location to begin a new life with a new family, or to settle in for retirement. A wide demographic of individuals have relocated to Guelph due to the attractiveness of the city itself. Others attend school in Guelph and never leave! The vibrancy and dollars that the student population brings to the city and the economy during the school year gives the city an extra boost, and the residents are affected in a very positive way. The new city hall is just one example of the responsible spending of the city's government officials, and certainly there are always new plans and building projects in the works. The growth of the city of Guelph is occurring at a rapid rate, as many choose to call the Royal City home. Perhaps it is time to give up that dream of living in the swanky Bay Street condos in Toronto and take a look at what the city of Guelph has to offer. You will find a warm city ready to welcome you with open arms, and many opportunities.

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Guelph Ontario

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